Radio:One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces

Radio: One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces, is available now  in auidobook form, as well as Print and e-book editions, and will have an official audiobook release on November 11th, 2017, Veterans Day. You can download it at Amazon/Audible and  Other purchase sites, such as iTunes, are being added daily. A complete list of sites and availability is listed below.

Audiobook of Radio: One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces,  AVAILABLE NOW

Book Cvoer: Radio by Alice H. Green and Peter H Green

Radio: One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces BUY ONLINE AT AMAZON or BARNES & NOBLE

My mother Alice started her witty autobiography at least three times but never finished it, since life always seemed to get in the way. Because it was too good and too funny to keep to myself, I have finally finished her story 35 years after her passing.  It describes her own ups and downs in the Golden Years of Radio, World Wat II and the postwar housing shortage. It also record sof the social history of that era, the  triumphs and tragedies of the the millions of women who worked right alongside her. Finally, this poignant autobiography documents their quiet heroism during their loved ones’ absence, their resourcefulness and and their sacrifice during a difficult time.

The downloadable book,  narrated by SAG-AFTRA/ Library of Congress narrator, Margaret Strom, is a humorous autobiography by Alice H. Green, and me, her son, who (just barely) escaped the madhouse to tell about it. This version will soon be available through most  audio distribution channels.Stay tuned for details of more audio sites and pre-orders.  A review of Radio by Paula B., on Amazon reviewer, has reached the prestigious Midwest Book Review. James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, carried her words of praise to libraries and his nationwide audience in the February 2017 edition as as Reviewer’s Choice selection on his noted Bookwatch website .Paula’s review begins:

Rating 4.5  for humor and a true story that needs to be told. “He loved me, he treasured me, and he pampered me-and then he left me for the Marines.”… “He finally had to admit….that I was his equal.” -Alice Green This is a wonderful gift book. Alice Green’s writing is fresh and at times laugh-aloud funny, parts of it reminiscent of Cheaper by the Dozen. Thornton Wilder instructed Alice in creative writing. I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy a good laugh. The section “We Bought a Crooked House” was hilarious…”

You can also order RADIO at your fvorite bookstore, at Barnes & Noble, or at BN’s

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Several of these distributors, such as Audible  and, allow one FREE download when you sign up for a free subscription to their service.


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