Crimes of Design

Cimes of Design by Peter H. Green

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If you like architecture
and suspense, you’ll love
A Patrick MacKenna Mystery

When architect Patrick MacKenna discovers the body of the staunchest advocate for his controversial flood-protected dream project in the site’s storm water pumping station during a record flood in St. Louis, he is forced to become an amateur sleuth to save his career, his family and his very life.

Politics, murder, and the river. Green knows St. Louis, all right. Crimes of Design is a tightly plotted and told urban mystery featuring plenty of action and twists and turns. Who knew living in St. Louis was such an adventure?
John Lutz, Edgar- and Shamus-Award-winning Author of Serial.

Peter Green’s Crimes of Design–a “flood-plain noir” mystery–weaves a complex tale of murder, eco-terrorism, love, lust and betrayal. Set in St. Louis at the confluence of the great Mississippi and Missouri rivers, the novel dredges up fascinating facts about the rivers’ pivotal roles in Midwestern Americana–wetlands law, floods, barge traffic, levees, locks, pumping stations, agricultural commodities trading, corn futures, and how they all interrelate.
– Rick Skwiot, author of Key West Story

To save his beleaguered city, his family, his career and his very life, Patrick MacKenna must confront a ruthless saboteur and killer.

When Patrick MacKenna, a successful, widowed architect and city planner with an eye for fine furniture and beautiful women, visits the jobsite of the new city-within-the city he has planned and designed, he discovers the body of the city manager, his most devoted advocate. Within hours he is a suspect in a murder, and his life is turned upside down.

As further crimes against the infrastructure mount, he must outpace the law and fight for his family, his career and his very life against unknown enemies–who may include environmental foes of his project, rivals at his office, disgruntled public employees and jilted lovers–in order to solve the crimes. His judgment is clouded, however, by his inexplicable guilt over the death of his wife, which compromises his professional judgment and blinds him to the solution of the case.

In despair, Patrick reluctantly accepts help from his developer client’s new liaison, Meg Stewart–who would love to win his heart if he could only free it from his hidden guilt–as well as Assistant U. S. Attorney Adam Reiner and tough, sexy FBI agent Bobbi Romano, to scour St. Louis’s underbelly and chase through Mexico and the Mississippi valley to run down the perpetrators and uncover a sinister plot. In the process Patrick learns the bitter lesson that the built infrastructure’s worst enemy is not nature, but man himself.




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