TAPPY-Urban Noir Audio-Short Story

 TAPPY, An Urban Noir Short Story

In this dark, urban mystery, Cedric, a disgruntled junior architect, wants to rescue a poor but beautiful young waitress. But can he help her without entering her world?



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Fatal Designs, A Patrick MacKenna Mystery

When Erin MacKenna’s high school canoe float is disrupted by an earthquake separating her group from the main party, she and a younger teen stumble on men burying a murder victim, are kidnapped and held prisoner by known human traffickers, drug dealers and racketeers. Her father, architect Patrick MacKenna, must neglect his earthquake-stricken clients and drop everything to rescue her. He,fears Erin, under constant guard and the threat of exploitation and shame, will bond with her captors in a self-imposed prison.  For her own secret reason, Erin can’t trust him and feels her least risky road to self-preservation is through cooperation with her dreaded captors and reliance on her trusted friends for rescue. Only if she and her young protégé can escape and father and daughter can reconcile will they be able to capture her tormentors and restore order both to their own lives and to their tremor-ravaged city.

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Crimesof Design by Peter H. Greem

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When architect Patrick MacKenna discovers the body of the staunchest advocate for his controversial flood-protected dream project in the site’s storm water pumping station during a record flood in St. Louis, he is forced to become an amateur sleuth to save his career, his family and his very life.

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Ben’s War with the U. S. Marines: A World War II Biography

Ben's War with the U. S. Marines

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Read Peter Green’s illustrated biographical account,  based on 400 letters Ben  sent from his miltary posts in the Pacific, of the charming and humorous World War II misadventures of Pfc. Ben Green, a low ranking but quick-witted individualist, which relates how he  battled the system to serve his country with honor and stay alive so he could return home to his family. READ MORE...

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