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After a busy career in architecture and city planning, I found my dad’s 400 World War II letters, his humorous war stories, my mother’s writings and our family’s often hilarious doings too good a tale to keep to myself, so I launched a second career as a writer.  In my career as an architect, I’ve seen plenty of  close calls, suspicious acts and outright skullduggery, so next, I decided to write mysteries.  Find out what secrets lie hidden in the past or buried underground, as controlled out of the public eye by shadowy figures familiar with the city’s critical infrastructure.

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 TAPPY, An Urban Noir Short Story

In this dark, urban mystery, Cedric, a disgruntled junior architect, wants to rescue a poor but beautiful young waitress. But can he help her without entering her world?


Part I: How did you become a writer? Radio interview with Kathy Lawton Brown, Aug 4, 2015, RAF-STL, 107 FM. (14:48)
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