Shutdown, Fire and Fury

In Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff has deftly crafted a blow-by-blow description of the barely-elected leader of the free world as a demented Capt. Queeg on the bridge of the USS America, ignoring his navigators and terrorizing his captive passengers, as he heads the ship of state between Scylla and Charybdis, uncertain about which form of destruction he would prefer to take down the ship. He depicts a familiar scenario inside the White House, the nightmare of anyone who works for a vain, capricious tyrant: among the thinning ranks of those willing to serve, there is no one to trust, you need to pick a champion among bad choices and you feel you’re running away through quicksand with no hope of a safe escape.

The author’s previous experience in the popular press and Hollywood gossip suits him well for this tell-all account of the inaugural year in the term of a playboy developer and entertainer turned accidental politician, as told to him by a clever, calculating pretender to the throne the president thinks he occupies.

Wolff should be admired for employing his command of a large vocabulary, incisive analysis and nuanced, fast moving, prose, as articulate as his primary subject’s is deficient. My only reservation is that the picture the author presents may indeed be that of a calculating, unreliable narrator in Steve Bannon. Indeed, the solution to this dilemma may lie in Special Counsel Mueller’s deal with Bannon to answer interview questions. Hence, the  value of Fire and Fury has grown by posing many of those questions for investigators to test and verify. This pretender to the throne Trump thinks he occupies and others like him present an even greater, continuing threat to our country’s future political stability.

In the meantime, The president’s vacillation and reneging on a deal  he made with Congress just this week, for a plan that would continue funding and avoid a government shutdown, has again thrown the nation into chaos and embarrassed us on the world stage. Nonetheless, Wolff has done our country a valuable service by unmasking this misleader and the chaos he has generated at the heart of our government In so doing, he alerts us to the fact that Trumpism, with or without its namesake. is a clear and present danger to our democracy and our very way of life.

—As posted on Amazon .com, Jan. 19, 2018

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Peter  H. Green, Author of Ben’s War with the U.S. Marines and Radio, One Woman’s Family in War and Pieces

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