FAIL, by Rick Skwiot: Taut mystery redeems a desperate St. Louis

Society is staring failure in the face these days, with St. Louis front and center. The fatal shooting of unarmed Michael Brown by a white Ferguson policeman and its aftermath have focused worldwide attention on what went wrong. Thoughtful St. Louis author Rick Skwiot seems to have anticipated this moment …

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The e-book revolution – J. A. Konrath v. Donald Maass

A pressing issue When Amazon introduced the Kindle reader in 2007, it signaled a transformation in the way people bought, received and consumed books, equaled only by Johannes Gutenberg’s first use of movable type in 1439. The e-book revolution has caused flattening sales growth in the print publishing industry, Continue …

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Coming of Age: Guiding by the Stars

By Peter H Green Review: Kate Rigby, A Far Cry from the Turquoise Room, 97 Pages, Smashwords. Elmore Leonard’s first rule of writing was, “Leave out the parts people skip.” In her novella, A Far Cry from the Turquoise Room, Continue reading email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest