A Very Good Year—Where is Ol’ Blue Eyes, anyway?

2017, A very good yea, or not? . Peter Green's look back at 2017, wondering if how the bad tevents fohte past year mayy be preparing us for a brighter futurer.

Peter H. Green, Author and Architect

A very good year, or not? At first look,  2017 seems not, either personally for our family or for our nation. But in a messy democracy, exposing the bad things should make way for improvements in 2018.

During the holidays we like to take stock of events of the past year. Fires, floods and hurricanes devastated the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. Legislative gridlock dominated Congress. Mean-spirited diplomacy and saber rattling put our troops and our homeland at risk. Men in high places are being brought down for their personal peccadilloes. Compared to starving children in Yemen, ongoing conflict in the Middle East and grinding poverty around the world, collectively as a nation and individually, we did all right — we survived. But Frank Sinatra’s bittersweet ballad, A Very Good Year, about his successful romantic conquests, which used to sound soothing to a mid-twentieth century audience, would fall flat and make no one feel good this year.

On the plus side, personally, one daughter’s family, who were burned in the real estate bust of of 2008. managed to buy a new house in a top school district; our elder daughter’s family, who were flooded in Hurricane Harvey, have a new apartment in which to keep going and plan their next move; my wife’s leg pain issues are on the mend, and my broken ankle is healed and rehabilitated.

On the national front, there’s even hope in despair. Perhaps a cultural revolution, which Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to predict, is underway. In a complex society, you can’t build something new without clearing out old, outmoded structures, habits and attitudes. Indeed, American women’s hundred years of struggle for equality since they got the vote in 1920, may have begun to turn the corner and forge ahead.

One bright note I’m proud to celebrate one woman’s success this year–the publication of my mother’s account of her personal struggle for equality in marriage, sustenance of her family while her husband was away in World War II and actualization of her many talents and creative powers. Alice H Green’s book, which I helped to finish, co-authored and brought into print, was the story she always wanted to write.  Radio: One Woman’s Family In War and Pieces. By November it existed in print, e-book and audiobook formats. Critical praise and the reception of all three versions of the book has been very favorable. In  November  I also mad a strong start on my next (and third, Patrick MacKenna mystery, Design for Dear Life. As an author, I’ve had a very good year, for sure. By the way, one reader confirms my belief that Radio would make a wonderful holiday gift. READ MORE…


In terms of getting all the bad stuff out of the way, maybe it was a very good year, after all. Suffice to say, my wife and I are happy to close the  book on 2017 and move on to a fresh new year. Best wishes to all my loyal readers and subscribers for a joyous safe holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Until next time, good words to you,



Praising Radio: military family history

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