Fake news: free speech?

Fake news and a “right to lie”… Many are hurling charges and counter-charges of fake news these days, including the tellers of falsehoods and their apologists themselves. They assert that the First Amendment gives them the right to spread lies. Are we…

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Writers conference founders receive Superheroes award

Last weekend, St. Louis Writers Guild’s Board presented Brad R. Cook, event chairman, and David A. Lucas, President, with the new Superheroes award, in recognition of their audacity, leadership and success in creating a new event on the St. Louis literary calendar.…

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Retraining: Get in touch with the unfamiliar

Louis I. Kahn, Architect

  “The architect is in touch with the unfamiliar,” Louis I. Kahn, the legendary twentieth-century architect, once told a group of Yale architecture students. In coining this cryptic phrase, he described the attitude required to explore, probe and test  multiple ways to…

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New “slip of a girl” reporter saves Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley

Amis-Mayhem at Buffalo Bill's Wild Wes

By Peter H. Green Review: Mayhem at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, by Fedora Amis Fedora Amis has again delved into Missouri’s history, with its larger-than-life characters, to craft a suspenseful Victorian whodunit. Everyone loves Buffalo Bill and the original American heroine, Annie…

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Killer Nashville strikes again

–St, Louis, October 19, 2015 By Peter H, Green Killer Nashville strikes again on October 29-November 1, 2015, at the Omni Nashville Hotel. Officially titled, Killer Nashville International Writers’ Conference, it is actually open to readers as well. Authors, editors and fans…

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Was “Go Set a Watchman” a first draft rewritten by Truman Capote?

Go Set a Watchman–A Literary Mystery By Peter H. Green Back in 2005 I joined a Saturday morning memoir writers’ group led by Larry Fiquette, a retired St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter and feature writer, who hailed from Adamsville, near Birmingham, Alabama.…

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